The Mask Tamer Camo Grunge Pack includes two lanyards for adventurers!  One camo print, one grunge pattern, and a Mask Tamer bag.  Our bag and lanyards all have space to write your name on each so that you never lose track of your mask!

MASK TAMER - Limited Edition - Camo Pack

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  • Our Mask Tamers allow kids of all ages to comfortably wear their mask on their face, but also hang it around their neck when not in use.  


    Each Mask Tamer is 43 cm long including two plastic button snaps on each end to connect the Mask Tamer to your own mask (mask not included). Each Mask Tamer also includes a breakaway clip for added safety!   These products were designed and tested with kids in mind, but fit great on adults too!


    Mask Tamer bags are approximately 6.5x9 inches.  Large enough to hold just about any mask and your  Mask Tamers.


    Care Instructions:  Hand wash only.  Hang dry.

    Mask Tamer made of 100% polyester.


    **Mask not included

  • We stand behind our product with complete confidence and if you are not 100% satisfied  we will replace or refund your product at any time!