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  • Will Mask Tamer fit adults?
    Mask Tamers were designed for kids, but will also fit most adults. Keep in mind that they are meant to be short when worn around the neck so that they do not get caught on things when moving around. However, if the Mask Tamer feels too tight or uncomfortable please remove immediately. Extensions will likely be offered at a later time.
  • How do you attach the Mask Tamer to your mask?
    Mask Tamer should be attached to your mask using the snap buttons, and then can be worn around your face, or neck.
  • How many Mask Tamers are included with a set?
    Each Mask Tamer purchased includes two different patterned Mask Tamers, and one Mask Tamer bag to store your mask and tamers.
  • Will there be more patterns available?
    Yes, more patterns are added every 4-6 weeks! Check back often for updates!
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