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Our Story

Organized Circus llc was started by an educator and graphic designer with a passion for family and fun.   Recognizing that life gets busy and disorganized at times, they set out to design products that would help families simplify life through organizational products to allow everyone to spend more time doing what matters most!  
Their journey began with the Mask Tamer, a product to help kids keep up with their masks at all times, but especially school.  Students and teachers have enough to worry about already, and keeping up with a clean mask needed to be something that was simple and easy.  Lots of thought and testing went into creating the Mask Tamer to build a product with as much function, fashion, comfort and safety that could possibly fit into such a small product.  
However, the Mask Tamer is only the beginning!  At Organized Circus, we hope that our products will bring joy and simplicity to your busy life.  Because....
Sometimes life can feel like a circus, but.......the show must go on!
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