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Passive Income for Busy Families

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

As a busy family- Jenn working multiple jobs from home and Carr putting in extra time at work to make a few extra dollars, we just couldn't give anymore of our time! We needed to find a way to make more money, without giving up any more family time! And one day, on the way to swim lessons, an opportunity presented itself in a pretty little Facebook ad that forever changed our lives. Don't have time to read the whole post? Check out our fun videos on IG and DM us for more information!

Posing with our first batch of products THAT WE DESIGNED!


Want to know how we started a business in 2020 and to date have sold over 50K in products in just six months? Two words. Rainmaker Academy. Okay, it was more than just "Rainmaker Academy", but if it weren't for this amazing opportunity I came across one day in my Facebook feed, then Organized Circus would not exist. If you asked me a year ago what I would be doing, I definitely would not have said running my own private label amazon business!


I was sitting in the passenger seat of our mini van, on our way across town to swim lessons, kids in tow. It was summer, so Carr was home (he's a teacher), and he was driving. I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook, when I saw an ad come across that made me stop and watch. It was a young woman claiming she was making passive income from the comfort of her home in her free time. Little did I know that this short ad was about to change my life. I was so frustrated that I was working tireless at two or three jobs while also being a stay at home mom. Carr was spending his free time coaching sports teams or running camps to find some extra cash. We felt like hamsters spinning our wheels on the financial side of things, we always seemed to be short on money to do the little extra things in life we saw so many of our friends and acquaintances doing. So often we were at the bottom of our bank accounts by the end of the month. But, we had no more time to give - neither of us could honestly take on one more job. We knew there had to be another way to increase our income without sacrificing more time from our family and this ad seemed to know the answer. We just had to pay $27 to find out how. I turned to Carr and told him about it and he was instanstly drawn in. Next thing we know we were diving headfirst into Rainmaker Academy.


Rainmaker Academy, led by Chelsey and Stephen Diaz, is a 7 day Passive Income Challenge that teaches you how to basically create, manufacture, and sell your own products on amazon with the idea that with just a few hours a day you can launch a successful business on Amazon. We were skeptical at first, but as the 7 days went on we knew this was something we could do, and we could do successfully! How could we not when so many others had successfully completed the 7 Day Challenge and went on to launch successful passive incomes? Some people we told about the concept at first were skeptical, and worried we were wasting our time and money, but Rainmakers Academy was more than just a 7-day course, it inspired our souls, had us redefining our goals in life, it breathed life and hope into our financial future, all with the added bonus of an amazing support system, we now know as our Rainmaker Family where we breathe community over competition and root each other on!

(June 11, 2020 - Our First Live in Rainmakers Academy, and start to Organized Circus!)


Our challenge started in June. Every day for a week we logged into a Facebook group, watched a training video, listened to questions from others also taking the course, and learned the basics of running an Amazon business. The training was well planned out. Each day building on the next, and never too much information to overload your brain. Chelsey and Stephen are such givers, and they just kept giving! The training ended up being 10 days packed full of juicy information and inspiration. It was also full of bonuses, giveaways, and prizes. Each day they asked us to do a video reflecting on what we had learned. This was honestly the hardest part- to learn to be vulnerable to strangers, but even that was to prepare us to be entrepreneurs and business owners! At the end of the week we were given the option to start on our own, or of course upgrade to the full Rainmaker Academy. We knew that this investment was going to be worth it for the continued knowledge, the community, and the added bonus of accountability to actually start the business! We are so glad we joined and will forever be grateful to Stephen and Chelsey and that random ad that popped up on my Facebook feed!

(Our first three days of sales on Amazon - $3,565.77 in Sales in 3 Days!)


While the 7 Day Challenge was the catalyst, and the upgrade to the full Rainmaker Academy, was certainly the foundation, we still do owe a lot of our success to our own drive and hard work. We poured a lot of heart into making this business as successful as it has been. Shortly after finishing the challenge, I was let go of two of my jobs due to the pandemic, and suddenly, what was suppose to be our passive income strategy, quickly became my only income. We immediately started a brand, created our mission, prototyped our first product, finalized our product, and began pouring our time into marketing - posting on social media and building an email list, so that when we launched our first product we would have an audience ready to buy. Our product landed in our hands and was live on Amazon just at the right time, and not a moment too soon - Labor Day weekend. We sold $1,951 in product by the second day and in our first month we sold 20K in products! To date we can proudly say that over 3,200 mask lanyards have sold all across the US and some even in Canada! (We sell on Etsy and our website too, but Amazon has been our biggest vendor and most passive option - buy them here!) There are some days when we don't work on the business, but the sales keep coming. That is the beauty of passive income. We put the work in now, and enjoy the benefits when we are relaxing. I loved sitting on the beach, refreshing my seller app, and seeing that another sale was made. And I was just talking numbers right now, but really we started the business with two goals in mind: make income passively so we can spend more time with our family and make a difference in people's lives. We have heard feedback from so many satisfied customers about how our product has helped their lives and knowing that a product we have made is impacting lives is so incredibly rewarding.

Now, we are anxiously awaiting product number two and have our third product in product research phase. (To be announced via email real soon - so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can learn how you can get it free!).


What would an extra $100 a day mean to you and your family? This can be a reality and we want you to join us! We want you to feel the freedom of passive income too! Rainmaker Academy has changed our lives and if this is something that sounds interesting or fun to you, we want you to join our Rainmaker Family. Once a quarter the doors open and a new training begins. The next training starts, Wednesday, February 24! Don't wait! For just $27 and a few hours of your time over the next week it totally worth learning this life changing advice. Just make sure you tell them Jenn and Carr sent you by using our link to sign up! Sign ups will be open until March, so don't miss out. If you miss out on this challenge, however, check back often as another will open up again!

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