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Introducing Act 2: A Roar-some New Product for Families.

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

It has been six months since we last launched a product, but we have been working on prototyping, designing, and manufacturing future products, and we are ready to announce what's next! Our second product idea was inspired by our busy life, but also our current life in a COVID world and the difficulties involved when heading out to shop at local stores.


There are so many things that we wish were back to normal, but one that hurts our heart so much is missing traditional birthday celebrations for our kids, and for their friends. These milestone moments deserve the biggest of celebrations. We usually spend countless hours searching for just the right gift for their friends, weeks planning fun and exciting birthdays for our own kids, and more time than we like to admit picking out the right wrapping paper and cards to give the gifts an extra special touch.

So, we wanted to create a product that could support these moments more efficiently because every minute saved doing these simple, but meaningful tasks can add up to more time together. We began thinking about how we could streamline some of the tasks surrounding birthdays, and were lead to an ah-ha moment.


Since COVID, it had become harder to just browse the stores looking for that perfect gift, that special wrapping paper, and that meaningful, perfectly coordinated card. We all quickly adapted and relied on online shopping, but one thing that was still missing in the process was.....finding the right wrapping paper and cards. We still found ourselves running off to the store to wearily browse through the card selections. So...... it was decided, we needed to create cute wrapping paper, available online, that included a coordinating card. By adding the cards to the wrapping paper we are able to eliminate one more step in the gift choosing process, so you can spend more time on a meaningful message, and less time looking through endless amounts of cards.


Once we knew what we wanted to create, we set out looking for the right manufacturer. We ordered many samples of different weights, sizes, and glosses. We fiddle with how we wanted to package the wrapping paper and debated how many cards to include with each purchase. After a few months of designing, we were finally ready to order. We chose a nice thick quality weight paper with a light gloss finish. It is strong enough to prevent any annoying tearing that can sometimes happen when wrapping with a thinner paper, but thin enough that it is easy to wrap and doesn't bulk up in the corners. We decided to have our wrapping paper folded versus put on rolls. We decided that saving space in our home was more important than the minor fold lines that appear from it being pre-folded. We really love that we can store any surplus wrapping paper easily in a drawer alongside the cards, rather than having to find places for awkward 3 ft tall rolls. We decided to include three sheets of the same pattern, so you have options to wrap big or small gifts, or even wrap a collection of gifts with ease. There is plenty of paper to go around even the biggest of gift, including a t-rex (just kidding it is not that big, but you get the point.). It comes with three adorable coordinating cards, each with a different message, to fit almost any occasion. And other than the simplicity of having cards and wrapping paper together (which honestly we think should always happen -- because don't you always need both!?). This makes the product perfect for busy families who want to look like they got their stuff together, to look pinterest-worthy in a pinch without the hassle, or for grandparents who want to avoid the stores, or even those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home, even before the pandemic.

Sitting with 20 boxes of our newest act for Organized Circus!


By now I know you are chomping at the bit to find out the most important of all questions - what does it look like!? The hardest decision was choosing the pattern, but after looking at so many designs, we just couldn't resist a cute dinosaur print! It is neutral in color, making it great for boys, girls, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, National Dinosaur Day (May 15th if you didn't know), and so much more! In addition, the three cards are each unique and custom designed to give options for different gift giving occasions. Two of the cards are birthday related, and the last one is applicable for most of the other situations you would need a card for. Check out this fun video we made with the kiddos!


Because we are busy with more products on the way, we do want to let you know that this is a limited edition paper, and once we sell out of the units in stock, there will not be any more. Based on the feedback we have gotten so far, we anticipate that this paper will be extinct before we know it. Coming soon to Amazon! But, if you want it sooner, email us - we got you covered!

Want to know how to get started on an amazon business like us? Check out this post.

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Suzanne Renee
Suzanne Renee

Dinosaurs are the Best! My nieces and nephews love dinosaurs and the ones you chose are super cute. Congrats on another great idea!

Jennifer Fullagar
Jennifer Fullagar

Thank you! We are excited to serve busy families in a fun way!

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